Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ib'tuur Jatne Tuur Ash'ad Kyr'amur...?

It really goes with the territory, doesn't it?  When you follow a game this far out, you inevitably think Class X is really going to be the class for you. Then one day, a developer diary is released, or some tidbit of information is put out, and everything changes.

By now, many of you have had the chance to watch the Bounty Hunter.  A Kubaz scoundrel, the burnination of Tusken Raiders and a variety of Bounty Hunter approved gadgets...  All of which are great, but... the kicker to me was this snippet from today's IGN PC interview:

The quicker picker-upper?
IGN: As development continues, would you be able to provide any details as to how the Bounty Hunter's changed? How have his primary skills evolved and what tend to be the most effective skills once a large amount has been unlocked?

Zoeller: Here are some examples of recent changes to the class: the introduction of the Bodyguard skillset which adds a healing and support role to the class [and] the addition of talent choices to create synergy between blasters and tech attacks. There aren't really 'most effective' skills for any class, as what is effective varies between encounters, different builds and whether or not you are in a group or not. 
They just went and added heals to one of the most iconic classes in the game...   Did this revelation change anyone's mind, as far as their class of choice for launch?  I previously had settled on the Sith Inquisitor more or less, to be specced heavily into healing, but now this totally changes it for me.  As a kid, Boba Fett was my absolute favorite character (and action figure, for that matter), but I had originally decided against the Bounty Hunter in SWTOR as I hadn't planned on tanking.  Now, they're pretty much the jack of all trades.  What will their healing be like?  Kolto Bombs perhaps?  The Imperial Agent already uses Kolto Darts, will we see something similar using Kolto?

Nothing is set in stone (although, some people are set in Carbonite), so this too is subject to change, but...

Things just got a whole lot more interesting.  Can't wait to see if anything else is revealed during tomorrow's Friday update, and with PAX coming up next week, who knows what's in store...  I'll have to make sure to stop by MandalorianGirl's neck of the woods and see what she thinks about things.

If you haven't yet seen the video, check it out!

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