Monday, February 21, 2011

Of Pixels and Shinies

YouTube user Logun24x7 has posted a video chronicling not only how SWTOR's graphics have progressed until now, but also showing how they stack up compared to other MMOs.

Have a watch.

While he probably could have found better photos for the other MMOs, they're really of no concern to me.  The bottom line is: SWTOR is looking good, and it's exciting to see how the art direction has matured.

If anything, this really highlights the need for a robust Character Creation system.  We've seen several different body types shown so far (skinny, muscular, and rotund), which is promising, but it will all come down to the face.  What varieties of "decals" will we be able to use for each character?  How will our character's alignment (Dark Side vs. Light Side) ultimately influence how we'll look?

As Logun states, with other MMOs, your character is usually seen from the "chase cam" perspective.  While face customization has always been important to folks, it's arguably more important in SWTOR simply because of the amount of time we'll be spending looking at our mugs during cut-scenes.

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