Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Toiling Away for Your Guild

Peons hard at work.
SWTORCrafter asks today, "How can a guild best support their crafters in SWTOR?"  While this largely depends on the game, I feel that much of the onus is actually on the Crafter in this scenario.  The Crafter and their crew must first explain why it is in the best interest in the guild as a whole to assist you in your endeavors.

Let's take EVE Online, for example. In EVE, my corporation and I would regularly sponsor “Mining Operations” for the benefit of the entire Corp. In EVE, almost 95% of every item or ship that you see floating around in space was originally made by a player. It was a lot easier for people in EVE to understand how the raw minerals that we were gathering could directly benefit them because the same raw materials that we were extracting from space rocks, could then be used to craft any number of things.  As a Tailor or a Leatherworker for example, how would you convince the plate-wearing Tank that he really needs to give you a hand?  The answer hopefully is that the Tank is an awesome person and would gladly help you regardless, but not everyone is so lucky.

Much of it depends on what all we'll be able to craft using our Crew Skills.  With three of the skills still locked away in the depths of BioWare mountain, it's unclear for example, if the Armormech Crafter will be able to craft all wearable armor or not.  The skill is defined on the Official SWTOR site as having "the ability to work with hard metals and electronic shielding to construct all types of personal armor."  If they do indeed craft armor for everyone, convincing others to assist you will be much easier.

The Scavenging Missions UI
Another great feature of the Crew Skills system is that not everyone even wants to craft, or even gather for that matter.  As a Crafter, you'll want to quickly identify those people in your guild and work out some sort of exchange.  Some of them may be more than willing to hire out their own Companions' services, running Scavenging missions for you while they're offline.  This could end up working to everyone's advantage, as long as your guildmates have a free Companion.

While you can still go out and Gather resources yourself, it sounds like the bulk of this can be offloaded to your companions.  We may not need to organize a "Guild Crafting Night" per se, but I think that it'd still be a great idea to do so.  Some of my most enjoyable MMO moments have come out of random events like these, because of the people I was with at the time.

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